Friday, May 22, 2015

The Adventures of Moving a Dollhouse

We moved the dollhouse to our new house, but the base was too big to pass through the doorway of the inner rooms. My previous house had an office with French doors, so I did not need to worry about the size of the dollhouse. But the new house has narrow doorways which are about 32 inches wide I believe.

I had to cut the base of the dollhouse on one side. It felt horrible because I spent so much time creating the perfectly even lawn only months ago. But leaving the dollhouse out in the family living room was not an option either. I had too many close calls from toddler nieces and nephews who have not mastered the concept of playing "gently."

Even after cutting the base, we had to take the door off the hinges so that the dollhouse would pass through into one of the smaller bedrooms which we are using as our office/workroom. 


Pavluv Pane said...

Wow...the horror indeed. That must have been very traumatizing. In building my house I hope I have taken into account what I will have to do to get it through my attic door. I suppose one never knows till the actual day arrives. Hope to see pics of the newly cut lawn... I'm sure it will be ok.

Cheverly Long said...

Hate this for you, although I'd much rather a messy yard than a broken house. Could you use some of the loose grass stuff and sprinkle it over some glue on the crack? You could also add random patches of thicker, taller clumps of grass to help disguise the line. Besides, with all the rains we've had recently, I'm sure their grass has to be growing as much as ours is. ;)

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I am thinking I need to straighten out the edge more and keep the extra base portion removable in case I need to move the dollhouse again. I might add long grass to hide it. Let's see.