Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dancing in the Courtyard

We moved houses recently. The Garfield arrived safely at the new house, but with its base, it is too wide to pass through the smaller work-room door. Right now it is in the living room, which makes me nervous due to the small nieces and nephews I have visiting sometimes. My three-year old has left it alone so far, and I hope, will continue to do so until I find a safer place for it.

No new photos of the dollhouse to share for now, but I did take photos of my dolls in the courtyard of the Garfield a few months ago, so I thought I'd share them here too. I do love the how the tiles look.


Dorien Litjes said...

What a nice dolls !!
Greetings Dorien

Giac said...

Hello Sumaiya,
I wish all the best and hope you will love your new home. the pictures are great and the dolls are beautiful., The tile does look gorgeous!
Big hug,