Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paperclay Bricks

Finished bricking the manor, and just in time too! With baby due next week, I guess it is time to say goodbye to mini-making for a while, and get busy with my real life miniature. So, send all your prayers our way!

It took me about twelve packs of "Pearl" paperclay to complete the house. Each pack contains 17.5 oz. of paper clay. I would still like to add brick border around the windows and the main door, and perhaps some architectural details as in my inspiration photo, but that will not be happening any time soon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank You Kimmie Lou!

Can't believe my luck! I won this corn bread prep board on Kimmy Lou's blog give-away! From the crumbs to the tiny recipe card, thin egg shells to the freshly broken egg yolk ... the details are unbelievable! Kimmie, thank you so much for this and the cupcakes!

For more minis by Kimmie Lou, visit:

Thank You Kim!

I just realized, I had never shared these photos on the Garfield Blog. These wonderful Birthday cake, cupcakes and cookies were gifts from Kim Saulter for the second birthday of The Mini Food Blog. Those who know Kim, already know her loving and generous nature, but she never ends to surprise me! Kim actually made this cake for the blog's birthday, not for the contest or anything, but just because she is a sweetheart who loves minis ... so, what are we waiting for? Let's cut the cake and pass around the plates.