Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wrap-Around Porch Railing and Gingerbread Trim

On weekends, I will sometimes get a half hour here and there to work on the dollhouse while my child takes his nap. I have finally finished assembling the porch railing and the gingerbread trims. The intricate woodwork is one of my favorite features of the Garfield kit.

I had to wait until I added the paper-clay brick. I had to trim the trellis piece a little to make adjustments for the additional thickness created by the brick.

Initially, I had wanted the railing to be removable, but I could not make it happen. The process would have been easier if I assembled the railing before putting on the porch roof, like the instructions say. But that would make the bricking more difficult.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Inspiration Photo: Kashipur Rajbari

I found these photos of the Kashipur Rajbari (palace) as inspiration photos for the architectural details of the Garfield Manor. While the palace is very different from the Garfield, there are some common features, such as the arched windows and the tower. I might be able to take some of the simpler architectural details and use them on my dollhouse. 

The railings on the veranda in the photo below look very similar to the Garfield's porch railings.

The weather-vane reminded me of the one I got for my Garfield. I also have an old Durham water-pump that I can place behind the kitchen, reminiscent of the water tap shown in the photo below.