Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Working Grandfather Clock

I have been away from mini-making for a long time. I was sick since last November, and had to undergo surgery which kept me home for six weeks this summer. I ended up buying way too many miniatures on eBay -- will share photos when I can.

One of my most favorite finds was the working grandfather clock kit by Arrow Handicraft Corp. The kit was from circa 1975, and the clockwork is still working after 40 years.

The glue and the stain was obviously dry, but the rest of the kit was intact. I had so much fun building the kit!

I love watching the pendulum swing ... so mesmerizing!


Giac said...

Hello Sumaiya,
What a wonderful clock. You really found a mini treasure! Well done.
I hope you are feeling much better and fully recovered from your surgery.
Take it easy.
Big hug,

Theodosia Pixietwist said...

Hullo! It's good to see you back at miniatures. What a delightful clock. Hobbies are so perfect to help us focus our thoughts elsewhere while our bodies heal.

Hannah WC said...

Love it sooo much just found on on eBay!!! Can’t wait to put it together