Monday, August 18, 2014

Courtyard: Moroccan Tiles

Instead of the black and white marble tiles that I had planned originally, I now have contrasting Moroccan tiles on the courtyard! The muted colors of the tiles go nicely with the river-rock foundation around the courtyard.

I used Photoshop to resize some images of tiles that I liked. Although the tiles look gray, they have a slight sepia tone. I then decoupaged the tiles over the existing paperclay layer. Instead of adding a glossy varnish, I liberally smeared wood-glue on the tiles, giving a matte aged finish which photographs nicely.

The tile surface is uneven to the touch, since the paperclay layer below was textured. But I think the slight sheen and imperfections add to the old tile feel.

If you click on the image below to magnify it, right click and "View Image" you should be able to download and print the high resolution version of the tiles for your own projects.


Daydreamer said...

Your tiles look Wonderful! And so much prettier than ordinary brick! I think your method of adding the paper over the clay is very interesting and seems to have worked even better than if you just had smooth paper! I would Love to have a courtyard like this!

Giac said...

Hello Sumaiya,
It looks terrific. the tile came out gorgeous!
Big hug,

Vivian Fox said...

Hi Sumaiya
I think your tiles are marvellous. But I adore the rock base to your house, it just brings the courtyard and house together really well.
All the best

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Thanks all for the comments. If you would like to create the same tile, email me and I will email you the image file which you can print out :)

Troy said...

The tile looks really good - Keep up the good work.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Thanks Troy! :)

otterine said...

This is gorgeous!!! Bravo! :D

Theodosia Pixietwist said...

oh i like this idea very much!