Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For the Kitchen

It was my birthday and I bought a few things for the dollhouse kitchen as a pat on the back for staying alive for 32 years! These are tiny and so cute!

I have started keeping track of how much I paid for the miniatures in my collection. Years from now, I might wonder how much I spent on them ... just thinking ahead.

The measuring spoon cost $4.31 (no shipping); the measuring cup cost $1.56 (+ $2.50 shipping); and the rest of the accessories cost $2 on eBay.


Elizabeth S said...

Since I love kitchen utensils in miniature anyway, I would say that this little collection of yours is Wonderful! I think that the honey dipper is especially adorable.
Enjoy playing with them in your Garfield kitchen,
AND A Very Happy Birthday To YOU! :D


Giac said...

Happy Belated birthday!
I wish you all the best and hope you celebrated! Great birthday gifts you got yourself.
Big hug,

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

thanks for the lovely birthday wishes!