Monday, August 3, 2009

A Word on Paper Clay

If you are thinking of using paper clay for an upcoming project, you might be interested in reading the review by Nikki Rowe of Witch and Wizard Miniatures. This article was of special interest to me because I really want to use paper clay for the exterior of the Garfield.

Here is the link:


Mary said...

I love paperclay! So far I've only worked with the Creative brand. I had used Tracy's tutorial to make the brick and stonework for the Owl Post Office:

Sans said...

I left a comment on nikiniki and told her how I have 2 packs in my stash unopened. I was thinking of using it for the exterior of the termite house as well. But eveytime I see the perfectly lined slats, I don't have the heart to smear anything over it. Should I just do it, Sumaiya? Painful decision.