Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Porch Roof

I glued on the porch roof last night. I have decided to keep the railings detachable. That way, I can remove the railings when I am moving the dollhouse, lowering the chance of breaking those delicate gingerbread trims during the move.

A scary thing happened while I was gluing on the roof pieces. I seem to have lost one of the roof panels. Fortunately, this piece was identical to the piece next to it, and I just cut out the piece from scrap hardboard. If you look at the photo below, it's the piece in the middle ...

See the roof shingles in progress?


Kathy Calhoun said...

When I read how forlorn your Garfield looked sitting alone in the corner and went to my work room and looked at my own, deciding that it also looked forlorn...sorry, I could hardly see work room with so much crap around it. I've cleaned it up and have lit the fires under me to get to work on my porch...I think we tend to work at the same stage. I appreciate the shot in the arm to get back to working.

The shingles, OH,MY the shingles. Each house I've done in the past
( 3 ), I've used those shingles.I know how tedious it gets, bless your heart, but it will be oh so worth the effort when done.

You do beautiful work, dear.

Sans said...

You have done quite a lot, already. I will love to see those removable railings .Curious how you are going to do that.