Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Water Pump

In the back of the house, by the kitchen bay window, we now have a copper/brass water pump by the Durham company. I mixed watered down glue with sand, and leveled it out within a border of paperclay bricks to create the cement effect.


Daydreamer said...

That is such a beautiful pump! I love details like this that make a place more authentic! It's really looking beautiful!

Giac said...

Hello Sumaiya,
The pump is terrific and such a great addition to the house. Great job on the cement.
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

we have an old cement square in our yard I'll bet that's what used to sit on it (it's now covered by the deck) the pump makes a wonderful statement for your house and adds a touch of realism


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Thank you all for looking and leaving comments. I can't wait to add color to the cement and bricks...and maybe a wash of green near the pump to create a moss effect!