Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paperclay Bricks

These photos were taken in July ... the last time I was able to work on the Garfield. Since then, I have been so very busy at work that blogging and anything dollhouse-related has taken the back burner.

I came across the photos today and wanted to share them with you. I haven't made significant progress with the bricking, but whatever I have, I am very happy with! The bricks are uneven and sometimes the lines get shifted slightly. However, I think the imperfections make the building look older and lend a hand-made quality to the bricks.

Oh I wish I could get back to bricking right now!


CLARA said...

¡Oh! Has hecho muchos ladrillos desde la última vez que sólo tenias los paquetes:)
Parece un trabajo muy laborioso. Felicidades por lo que llevas ya hecho.
¿Que pasará si los cables de la luz se tapan y se funde alguna bombilla?
Espero no preocuparte :( pero con todo ese trabajo...
Besos Clara

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

La casa va super bien. Te va a aquedar de lujo. Menudo trabajo el de los ladrillos.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Dear Clara and Virginia,
Thanks for leaving comments.
Clara, if there is a short circuit in the house, I am going to be totally helpless. The bulbs can be replaced with new bulbs if needed, but if something goes wrong with the wiring, then it will be a sad day indeed! :)

otterine said...

Gorgeous work so far! :D This is going to be a magnificent house.

CLARA said...

Espero que no haya desastres electricos. Yo lo estoy haciendo dentro de una paja de refresco. Y cuando pase algun desastre estiro de ese cable y lo cambio por otro. Cuando vi tus cables así me perocupe.
Cruzaremos dedos para que nunca te pase :))
Besos Clara

Juicy Sam said...

It's amazing

Sans! said...

Its good to see you posting again even if it is just to tell us you are too busy for dollhouses :).

If anything happens to the old wires, just use new ones I guess:) and hide them in other ways.

I really love the choice of colours you used and those paper bricks are very realistic! Hope you'll still remember how to brick after such a long time! ;p

talking to myself said...

Really nice work, I am amazed at the detail.