Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Second Floor Landing

I am loving the lights that went on the landing walls. Firstly, I covered the side facing us with fabric. Then I made holes for the lights to go through. The wires go around the doorway and out a small hole to the exterior of the structure. Then I hid the exposed wires with fabric "wallpaper" on the other side of these walls. The exterior of the house is a mess right now with wires and tapes, but all will be hidden when the faux brick goes up.

I just adore the tiny window above the bathroom door!


Kathy Calhoun said...

I am fascinated with your exotic theme...you have such a knack for the mysterious and romantic ambiance. I am entranced.

Watching the progress of your house helps me know what to expect as I build my own. Thank you for being my guide ( in more than just the house ). Wish we lived closer.

smehreen said...

I wish we lived closer too! Maybe we could've formed a Garfield club! :D

It's so much fun to have you as my construction buddy and to be working on the same kit together. Otherwise, it would have been tedious to do all the work and not have anyone to share the fun with!

Love and hugs,