Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paperclay Bricks

Not much has happened since the last time. I did stain the roof a dark walnut color like the inspiration photo.

By the way, I have finally gotten the paper clay for the exterior bricks. I bought them from paperclay.com and they were wonderful! They have discounted price for wholesale items. So I bought 19 packs of "Pearl" paper clay for only $2.65 each ... each pack contains 17.5 oz. of clay! If you have shopped for paper clay before, you already know how ridiculously inexpensive this is in comparison. They also credited back almost $10 on shipping when they found out they could ship out the clay in a USPS flat rate box. So, my thanks goes out to the folks at paperclay.com.

I have started bricking the house, and I can tell you right now, it will take me forever and a day to finish making the bricks. I tested the paper clay on the front door steps. If you remember from the post about stairs, I had used the original front door steps on the third floor of the Garfield instead. So this time around, I had to fashion stairs out of cardstock and masking tape, which I later covered with paper clay bricks. The "Pearl" clay dries very hard, and I am loving it so far ...